honestly i dont know what to do anymore
honestly i just want to die
and honestly i dont even know if i want to date u
i like u
i love laying around with you
but ur to ruf and sometimes it hurts
u flirt with everyone wich makes me hate u
but i have to giv u the benifit of the doubt
and realize maby u dont know i like u...
but how could u not?
dosent me calling out to u when im hurting mean anything to u?
dosent it show that i care about u more than anyone else
when u tell me all uv done wrong and i still hold u close?
i dont belive in god anymore
y would he let me hurt like this?
like u...
the idea of u hurts me
and it sends me spining into this relm of nothing ness
because im week
because im unshelter unloved and un real
everything about me is fake
but u, ur real
and u show me the light hiden in the darkness
right b 4 u snatch it away
and im alone agen.
alone, alone, alone
and ill never b found
dont wana b found
and honestly i just want to die

by jeffy awad

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