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Into Liverpool
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Into Liverpool

Poem By Stephen Brian Brady

When I was young I lacked the sense
to realise I’d cause offence.
By asking questions frequently
and challenging authority.

I asked because I wanted to
believe that what you said was true.
But you denied me a reply
and I was left to wonder why.

Children should be seen not heard.
To my young mind was just absurd.
I think you were afraid to show
There were some things you did not know.

So you forfeited my respect.
I learnt thenceforward to expect
From most adults dishonesty
Because they could not possibly.

In any shape or form confess
that they might possibly know less.
Much less than what they thought they knew
and passing time has proved it true.

If I am asked I find it best
to admit that I fail the test
and simply state that I don’t know
but that I do know where to go.

I recommend the library
where you may find quite easily
The answer that I can’t supply.
I find that’s satisfactory.


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Comments (2)

10 from me for your honesty sincerity towards lost childhood that walked but could not run...peace my new friend.
Hey Ivor! Wonderful write! Always a different subject, always something new *10 *! Where you get your ideas from, i only wish i knew? Thad