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Honesty Does Not Always Pay

The hard working and honest people the justice system does fail
Since the World's wealthiest criminals seldom serve time in jail
They run big corporations but of them one can say
That they do not live their lives in an honest and honourable way

The negative effect of their financial deception of the social rank trickles down
To even affect the poorest of the poor surviving in every town
The honest multi nationals and bureaucrats to say the least rare
They are of a rare breed the honest billionaire

Many of them quite deceptive in their criminal way
Since their fair share of taxes they never do pay
It is not by honesty that the good life they live
The people who love to take and take and in return little give

The so called high achieving successful who in their ways are small
So many of them are not good people at all
To use tax loopholes to avoid paying taxes to them not a crime
Far better people than they are in jail serving time

Yet these are the people many of the impressionable admire
And of singing their praises never seem to tire
Honesty does not always pay is how it seems to be
Since so many honest people live in financial poverty

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