I used to think you can trust anyone,
But some are not to be trusted
they'll push you off a cliff;
that's what happened to me
And now I'm falling
While I'm busy calling
for help from anyone willing to help,
I might as well die.
I am falling into a bottomless pit
full of darkness as if bereaved of light,
only a few seconds I shall be out of sight
and no one will remember my name
No one will me from my fall,
nothing else but the earth
and I shall come to my great end
and all the memories of me will fade.
As I am in free fall
I now finally know,
never to trust no one
but yourself,
But for how long will I fall,
how long will keep screaming for help
for how long will this treachery haunt me
When will it stop.
I can't take this no more
it's time I escape from this pit,
I'll no longer be six feet deep
Away from my home.
now I'm free
and I've learnt something
a small push can stop you from rising
and you'll keep falling and falling
till you finally drop

by Francis Bupe Chiluba

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# love it
Its So Beautiful, now i use it
Very beautiful recitation and poem is also nice.
Beautiful words spoken. Mind if I use this poem? I am holding a club meeting this week, i would love to use it!
Very Good Piece! Keep up the good work! :)