Sugar, she's going down
Straight down to the ground
With a grimace on her face
And a weight locked in place
Hanging on the edge
Reconsidering this dredge

He stands by the side
Telling her words to confide
Telling her the world hasn't turned
It she lets go, a scar will be burned

Once you dropp there is no coming back
Then another life will lack

Changing her mind
Being recalled to life, refined
She suddenly slips with a fall
Now afraid of being gone

He jumps to save her life
To keep his world from strife

Cut, cutting it all away
Up, up she swims back to the day
Down, down he goes
Caught in a rope
By his toes
Sugar, down he goes

Her life is back
His life now lacks
Oh how irony takes over
While they make the crossover
When sugar we're going down.

by DJD Quick/dd

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Such as life DJD She saw and She adores! Couples are seldom on the same level, that's the challenge of togetherness imo. Great thought provoking contemporary poem on lifes ups and downs. 10 from Tai, liking your style. 18? is very young to know so much. 10 anyway, feeling sunned and generous today, Tai