MW (September 14 / Dallas)

Lonely Career

Hangers being filled with words, meanings, definitions
that continually soar into the atmosphere of poetry.

Beautiful patterns being formed from beginning designs
of thought, closing in on them, capturing meanings in

Always giving a wonderful gesture through poetical inter-
ludes, a lonely career, but very fulfilling in later life.

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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Wow! I don't trust those little bugs. What a funny and vivid description of the crime! You entertain...don't stop.👍👍👍
incredible. Shows an intense struggle for life. Traps and cunning.
Dark poem? This gives you desire to write? Our compassion can bring forth the monster in us? Where did you see all of this? You see truth in here? What truth? You've red this poem? Even a child knows where the good anger is.It is just a step behind, YOU felt that 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 years ago. Don't kill anyone! When you do, you will feel like this. you will feel good anger just behind you.but we kill to often. we kill to often that GOD is no longer step behind. we kill to fast that keeps GOD far behind so far we can not see him no more.killing is bad. it can not be justified by law. killing is bad. always was and always will be. Do your fight yourself! Do it by yourself. Do it naturally. Not obscenely everywhere.
The first poem I ever read by Bukowski. Left a big impression on me when I was 17 or so. Such a great piece of work and so much truth within it. Also very dark.
this poem gives me a heated desire to write. thanks Chuck Bu Kow. Your work is sick. (great)
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