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Honey Biscuits And Gravy

My wife and I sat down one day
to honey biscuits and gravy
and when the last of it was on my plate
what did she say to me

She said, 'my dear devoted husband
husband of many years
would you give the last of that breakfast treat
oh would you please, my dear? '

I said, 'my wife, my darling wife
wife of many years
of biscuits and gravy I cannot part'
so with my fork I began to start

But before I could reach the plate
I was stopped by my hungry mate
She said, 'I'll give you silver and gold
all the fortunes yet untold
if you'll give what's on your plate
the still standing honey biscuit and gravy'

I said, 'my dear, darling wife
wife of many a day
nothing short of a great earthquake
can make me part with my plate'

And then she grew desperate
a horrid fiend intemperate, she said
'You'll be the sole head of the estate
for that last serving of biscuits and gravy! '

I said, 'dear, devoted wife
wife of many a day
you don't know that with what you give
so willingly away'

She said, 'a small price, a small price
I eagerly will pay
for that last remaining morsel
left standing on your plate'

So I did the deed, I confess
and now I must say
my wife's head tasted just as good
as honey biscuits and gravy

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