Honey Brown

Poem By Maria Kamy Abdool

Let us hide behind the silver lining in the sky
And dodge each raindropp while we wait
For the golden sun.
I want to tip-toe around the moon and whisper
As we glide around its disc.

Let us gasp for breath and hold hands,
Only to wake up after a misty dream
Between fallen leaves and dried petals.
I long to capture the waves of the ocean and
Sail on the gleaming blue with you.

Let us find a sunset,
Honey brown, blissfully covering our feet
As we walk a mile on the cool evening sand;
Finding comfort in each other's hands
And strength in the promises made.

Let us find a way to always have faith in the
Love and dreams shared.
May I always find beauty upon your smiles
And passion from within,
Even when a miracle is too far away.

Comments about Honey Brown

Lovely and inspiring words, love and admiration within each line, soft and luscious. Most prized penned poem. Deliciously written. Bravo.

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3,5 out of 5
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