Honey Hill Road

No one quite knew and the few whom did
ran the government.
These types of beginings in the open at night
were never hidden for long from view.
Plainly seen with the naked eye they gave way
to the few whom could see them for the ignorant fools
and as such you most certainly did.
Making out about such all of the books and the movies
made and by them a few saw that the faithful would do as
they did when such ideas they loved to kill for.
Unable to capitalize on what was real and knowing
not from whence they came it begot lies.
Most men being evil they said God is real and that it is by him o.k.
Placing them on death row or just for fun they killed.
Is revenge nought but more of the same.
Claiming that in a better place thus you will be
flying about like a fat pink pig with his coilded wormy thing
inside being twirled, nothing more
than their thoughts about more dirty sex, blaming me.
Looking out from the back of their heads and the younger girls
wanting waiting to be sucked,
and drained by a vampire night after night.
And our hot humid southern swamps in a two second dream.
From such came black and white nights tramps were born.
Whoring men when they were finally caught
gave out
the said same age old adress
and were last seen, driving down the middle of honey hill road.

by James McLain

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