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Honey Love
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Honey Love

Poem By Delilah Miller

All this
honey love,
feeling honey sweet
my fingers and toes,
chin and nose.
All this honey love,
dripping from between.
from under and below and above,
that is so golden and sticky.
You and Me,
We're those mysteriously close bees.
Our bodies too sticky to leave
this making a comb of honey.

Just the word
and I'm shining like that topaz drink.
And my body glows golden,
and the spicy thickness is to be heard
For sure.
Do you taste too? I wonder as I further sink.
I won't sting you if it's love you send.
The honey sweet,
amber reflection in a jar of honey
that you gave,
as a love treat,
that shimmering honey jar love
you made for me.

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Comments (2)

your love is fine and could flow smoothly like any other greats.keep writing delilah.
Colette, I have to say this, and by no means am I an expert on poetry but, you have a remarkable talent of devoloping a thought into a wonder of a poem...Honey Love, a perfect example. It is unique and something about it is elegant. Whatever your dreams for your life as an adult are, I hope you don't let go of this talent. Your writing, imho, is years ahead of your passport age. Excellent, delightful poem.~~m.~~x