Sweet, and calm.
Edible, and sensuous.
Free, moving down my body,
Soft, smooth and slowly.
You are here with me.
You look into my brown eyes
Ever so deeply.
You lean in to endure my sweet kiss.
Then we end up embracing each other in,
a midnight’s hungry bliss.
Boy, you with out me is below sin.
Let’s make love under the moonlit sky.
Our temptations are on arise.
We need to reach our peak,
Until we both get weak.
In the knees we shake.
This will be a bountiful join we are about to partake.
You wrap me in your arms.
Let my soul be at ease.
Drench my neck with your kisses,
If you please.
Hold me closely in your muscular grip.
Ooh the way you roll your hips.
The passion that has built up inside me,
Is about to erupt so boldly.
Our mouths strive for that watery touch.
How I’ve always wanted you so very much.
As lustful thought creep through your mind.
You stop to think that you have run out of time.
You pour that last dropp of honey on me,
And lick me so seductively.
The feeling ripples up and down my spine.
Tonight is the night,
You make my heart speed up and take flight.
Tomorrow is the day,
Nude in the floor we lay.
From lust and passion filled ways.
Honey and its essence will never fade.
Look me in my eyes,
Kiss me long and deep,
Until the early morning lust starts to creep.
Hear my humble good-byes.
While you are preparing to enter between my thighs.
Take your manhood and let it slide.
Relax and let’s go for a ride.
Go inside me so deep.
I am that of a trophy,
And that’s what you want to keep.
You make me scream like a real man should.
Hitting me from behind felt so damn good.
Like honey I am sweet.
I am honey, which you love to eat.
Lick me till I get sore.
And ill take you to where
You have never been before.
Honey is a passion that goes low.
Honey is a lush that makes you rise slow.
Honey is my name, and pleazure is my game.
When we are ready to go to that special place,
of lust, laughter, and lace.
And when we are ready to explore,
What’s behind your hidden door.
We need a guard.
Like a Trojan man.
So when you get hard,
There’s a glove for the love.
And as for you and I.
The sky’s the limit.
Honey for you,
Sweet, sensual, heavenly bliss
String enough for a man, but made for a woman.
Ends a poem like this.

by Ashley Roseanne Pleasure

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