Uncle Bob prayed over the groom:
"Let him establish Kingdom principles."
Aunt Shirley prayed for the bride:
"Father, I pray an anointing on her."
"Love," said Reverend Philips,

"is insensitive, love is invalueless."
He said that we merger together
in holy matrimony,
and the choir burst into song:
"He waits for us, and waits for us."

by Louis Simpson

Other poems of SIMPSON (19)

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Rest of it. * Every day they went swimming in the pool and rode the two water scooters. They rented two deck chairs and sat on the sand in the sun. A breeze made the palm leaves whisper. The sea is green close to shore, further out it is blue. The ship standing still on the horizon makes you think of sailing away forever with the one you love. * Jennifer ordered the roast beef platter. Mike had the fish cakes. 'I thought you didn't like fish, ' she said. 'Well, ' he said, 'I guess you were wrong.' Tears came to her eyes. The honeymoon was over. But then they went to their room and everything was OK. In the evening they went dancing and stayed up late on the veranda looking at the lights and the moon. * And you, hypocrite lecteur, what makes you so superior?