Honor Prevailed

Poem By benjuzzy okpuzor

Allow me my last bread, before my
Last breath, I pray you!
Tearful farewells awaiting, but

Groans, and grunts on my head
Thinking of the proud prying
Eyes that never sleeps, my
Defiling days are done I thought,

But this mortifying grunge keeps
Growing all day;
Where fore can we forge an
Eternal bound!

Shylock knocked! But they said
Is evil lurking, but I embraced
Him as the evil I know, and not
The devil on my back;

For better be he I know, and not
The unknown I knew not, Blacks
Might be beautiful though, but
Blessed with a curse of only my

Own, and own it all;
Those who told us the stone
Spoke, and we thought them a
Saint in snake stead,

Dinah dine daily with the wrong
Ones and payed dearly;
and those who break bread with
Me now seeks to break my

How strange the heart's of men;
I'm a high born, and highbrow,
Bound to my father's blood, and

I rather swoon, than swore to
Silent to a death dog that knew
Not honor,

Why veil the vile, and die of guilt!
Not in my blue blood, for honor
Deserves honor,
Saw swore to sword David his

Once true companion, and the
Once sweetest angel now the
Nothing is new;

What words, or worst can you
Dare, that wasn't before you
Break your dawn;
Yet this clear water of my

Prophesied poetry is crystal
That thé only honest man is
Thé man in thé mirror, for all
Evils are devil

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