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Honor Thy Mother
JC Jason Clark (January 31,1977 / Mississippi)

Honor Thy Mother

Our mother is dying. It is very sad, but true.
Do you not hear her crying,
from the pain that she goes through.
She deserves more of our attention.
We should treat her like a queen.
It really angers me to mention
all the neglect that I have seen.
It's hard for me to believe
that her children do not care.
It's hard for her to breathe.
They keep polluting the air.
We can't stand here and allow
her health to fade very much more.
Our mother needs us now, more than ever before.
We should all respect each other
and put our differences aside.
We can save our mother. Let our hearts be our guide.
So take this advise I'm giving,
for whatever it is worth.
If you want to continue living with
mother here on Earth.

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