Honored With Praise

Fire trucks with red lights flashing
sirens screaming policeman's whistle blowing
direct the traffic that's coming, pedestrians no crossing
no slowing down with intense speed keep moving on straight ahead
with the switch of traffic lights, they remain all in red Up the ladder to the sky, flames blazed near my eyes
ax in hand, chopping when I can, I see billows of smoke
flames singed near my coat, lest they forget we save their lives
within short time our fire crew arrives, escorted with hoses of
forceful water
pouring to put out the flames, only cinders and black soot remains Impact of roof top falls to charcoal black, colored timber
a praise in time is like a souvenir with a satisfied mind, honors
from the chief we're courageous and brave, one believing time is
bringing bravery at hand they are dangerously attempted to give
all they can
resting in his arms doing his best, little girl Jane rescued from her
bed in her night dress
The bed and mattress disintegrate into a bed of fire, It's a shame
finding her dolly smoldering into a mass of ashes of blue flame
locked in with window panes, and door combustion of flames in fire red
continuing winds blowing and snowing freezing underfoot of ice,
sliding and
heavy hoses, with muscle holding, firemen honored with praise

by Inez Kobus

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