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Hood Dignity

Hood Dignity

Poem By Funkekeme Akposeye

I am from the place where
wood is not part of the industry
I am from the race were some
are still living in the hood in
Where democracy is in it's
Where if you cross the borders
you get dropped instantly
But people still struggle and die
to get into Italy
Selling their properties and soul
just to get into Sicily
Where smiles are rickety
And churches are the last in
Where joining a gang
Is as easy as joining the band
Where owning a piece is called
Where women are not treated
with chivalry
Where a gentleman is treated
Do you see the imagery of my
Here you see the image of
mister nobody
Here the only thing girls use to
get money
Is their body, as sweet as honey
I am from such a place
Where everyday is a race
Where you see corpses
That have been fallen by listless
So if you have felt pain
Or felt like you were living your
life in vain
Sick and tired of the hood
games and cold babes
At the edge of insanity
Held back by a line of symmetry
Of staying so close to the
Called God's name, praying for
And prayed for midnight rain
I can relate to that, although
sad, we are the same
No matter what this life is
I live in the hood in dignity.

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Nice pretty words, thank you for sharing.