XML (9-7-86 / san jose albq)

Hood Rat

if she dont make dollas.
then she dont make cents
tell the bi! @h to stay the f! @k off my d! @k
if she dont get it, it makes u sick
so, i gotta give u one dose of this peniscillene
it fells like i went back to drug dealin
it gots u addickted
this b! @#h sucks it wicked
bad gurl begging me to whip it
it's round 5 she pulling me off the floor
slamming me to the door
getting me hard becasue she want more
but my shyt is so sore.
but im a soilder i can go all night
hope ur man dont make it home cause there be a fight
every position i have u in
he not going to like
he thought he married a faightful wife.

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Comments (2)

Wow! lol I like how you wrote this poem!
hahaa love this. damn hood rats.