(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Hoover Go Home

There's a new guy named Henry Hoover
he is not what you call a smart groover
they have dumped him downtown
for attacking a clown
his delusions were inside the Louvre.

He was put up by dummies onsite
to belittle, to stir and to fight
but the brain he was missing
was an empty can hissing
so we told him to fly a kite.

His name may be Hooverstein
which would make him no friend of mine
would he like to see Harry
and the two could be merry
they could also jump into the Rhine.

On this poem discussion site
it is certainly never quite right
that the weirdos do flash
'cause we do pay no cash
may Emilie bid them a good night.

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What a jolly little ditty. I use the hoover to clean up all our mess.