Horse And Rider

The prairie blows the grasses
And whips the horse’s mane.
They travel, horse and rider,
Through the sea of amber grain

Hills roll by, and clouds pass
But steady are the horse’s hooves
Upon the wind blown grass
As they travel, horse and rider

There is no trail that they follow
No path that can be seen
There they travel, horse and rider
Upon the endless blowing green

by Ivy Schex

Comments (4)

Short but says alot...<3
Loud and clear, D! A sweet succinct write... and yes, thank you for the reminder. Much needed. t x
Thank you for reminding me HOPE this morning Dave... I need hope and I will couple it with faith even. I enjoy your poems. And yes, your messages in your poems are sometimes deep...they sink in. Good Morning.
Lovely Dave. You are a person who always will be full of hope. Love Patricia