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The Biker Chick Rag

So long farewell goodbye
your tears won’t buy me a beer
Someday when your young again I’ll
come home again

So long farewell goodbye

She left on her Harley
a thunder of pipes
was all that I could hear

She looped back around
and gave me a biker check wave
as the front wheel began to rise

a wheelie they call it
a cycle display
of contempt and delight at having her way

Her leathers were fringed
and the bone in her nose
sparkled in the light of the day

She rides with Hell’s Angels
east of LA
and works in a strippers bar

I stop now and again
to sit and watch her act
and leave a buck or two
in the G-string she wears
for her pants

So long farewell goodbye
she says
as I leave to pick up the kids.

Oh how I miss that damn bone in her nose

So long farewell goodbye

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I like your poetry. Want to publish some of your poems in my magazine! The Beatnik Cowboy. Out of Pattaya, Thailand. Submit!