Ode To The Eagle.

In mid-heaven's world, between earth and sky,
The life we call Eagle is high-gliding by.
Hollow bones, honed to perfection in flight
On winged journey skyward, with eagle-sharp sight.

What see you this morning, my full-feathered friend?
What life in the meadow do you need to end?
The start of your dive leaves me breathless. I fear
Nothing small will escape, with your talons so near.

Soft furry creatures freeze still, with alarm.
So your hunt runs successfully, then you are gone.
Nature, fearfully potent, has skilfully brought
To dynamic precision the Eagle it's wrought.

by Fay Slimm

Comments (4)

Beautiful poem , keep looking To God . You have talent writing poems , God bless
Again I really enjoyed your poem. You have done a great job and for you to be young you have so much promise ahead of you. Keep looking to God for your guidence. He is always watching over you and when you need help just ask and pray. Remember Jesus loves you and your family.
This is excellent! You should definitely stick with this. Do any of your teachers know about this talent of yours?
Very sweet poem! Keep writing.....you have a real talent for your age. Sincerely, Mary