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have you ever felt lost
have you you ever felt unwanted
you want to run away n never return
with so much on ya mind
stress from work, love, n what ever else
with the thought that you just want to be alone
with no one to bother you
but at the same time you want a partner
a partner to tell everything to
to always trust in
someone who will listen and who can relate too
you get closer to another person
n once again they betray you
they kill the hope inside of you
the hope that lets you know
that you'll soon find that partner
that one who you'll alwayz be close to
never forget, alwayz trust and soon form love
well im here to tell you that that hope,
you can't let go you have to believe and
keep it within
one day you'll find that love n trust
if you keep that hope
wether it's far down deep inside
or ready to come out
dont put to muce effort into one thing until' u deff. know
it'll be fine
so that that hope is not pushed away once again

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