GL (August 31,1991 / Zamboanga City)


They say we're falling apart,
I don't wanna believe it-Not a part,
But they don't know,
I still love you, 'Coz i believe,
That love, isn't used to prove,
That love, isn't used to reason,
Moreover, love isn't meant to be used,
Love is always there,
Love is to feel,
Protected by your angel's wings-that's love,
Thinking of someone even when near death-that's love,
Fear of losing someone-that's love,
Writing this poem for you-that's love,
It has no definite meaning,
Just like the water,
It takes the shape of the container,
While love, it differs how we view it,
But hte beautiful part is,
That it grows far beyond imagination.


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