LS (6/7/91 / Casa Grande)

Hope 2 The Hopeless

When you feel like there
Is no hope
don't give up for there is someone out there that is holding you by rope he will hold you and wont let you fall all you got to do is call on his name. this person I am talking about wont crush your dreams it will make you want to be a better person in side
He the one I am talking about will never leave your side
He loves you and has a plan for you all he wants you to do is follow him and win this fight that is taking people down.
If you do not believe in him I feel sad for you because the day of judgment day he will not know you. But if you believe in him as I do live for him everything you do should be to honor him there is no girl/boy that can fulfill your dreams all you got to do is ask him in your heart confess that he is your lord and savior. I am not telling you that after that you wont have the desire to sin or to do stuff your not suppose to. It is going to be hard but that’s why we have a bible that’s why we pray everyday that’s why we read the word that’s what he left us with. That’s what we work with
God loves you more then anyone can ever love you he died for you so that you can be forgiven of your sin.
I speak a word of truth and I hope you will read this and follow him to.
everyday is a struggle all you got to do is believ in him and as he already belives in you.

by leticia starkey

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