The Tale Of Meat

For those of you that don't know it,
a whole, large chunk of meat is dry aged
It's kept cool,
and dry
like beef jerky
so it's not rotting.

Then when you order some,
the old, dried out, outside part
of the meat
is cut away.

You get the nice,
naturally tenderized
INSIDE part.

The meat itself is sterile
unless they did something wrong.
So it's perfectly fine to eat.

I think aging a piece of meat
works up to a point,
then it starts going down hill.

I never gave up eggs
Just continued to believe
what my mother told me
that they were high in protein
and in many ways the perfect food.

Why does a steak from the supermarket
have a 'best before' date then?

Massive amounts of ignorance here.
The truth is we just don't know
what we are eating,
as the horse meat scandal last year showed

by Cynthia Fielding

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