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A Part Of Me***

here.....i can watch my life as a movie
i saw every moment passed, , and every moment is coming
i didn't realise why i had to feel too much!
but then i knew.....

that here's home, , here's family
here's a year passed and a year is coming
here's friends
in every place something happend
even i can see! ! ! !
and be sure that whereever i went, , it will stay a part of me

even if we appart
it's still something inside your heart
here's hapiness, here's tears
here passed about ten or fifteen years
but the question is how can you still remember?
but simply can't you see? ?
it is a part of me!

(really i was writing that poem in the darkness, , but because i'm writing from my heart not my mind, there were always a light made me see it by a diffrent way)

thank's for reading! !

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i like this it is interesting...