It’s Always Nice To Dream

I look at the stars at night
wondering if my star is up there
shining bright with my name
embossed across the centre.
It is a nice dream,
then I wake up to reality
only to find myself
just little ole me.
One day I may have a room
with my name embossed
in a star across the door,
and then I can smile to myself
and declare that I’ve made it,
I am a star.
Until that day comes along
it is always nice to dream.

4 May 2008

by David Harris

Comments (6)

A lovely penned piece thank you
I very much liked the phrase 'Sing tunes for the far / And dance for the near'. Like the other poems I haqve read so far, this one is very well structured.
i find my poems are either image heavy or down to earth like this one, your writing is powerful
There's a few minor things that need to be fixed aside from that this poem has a complete lack of creative imagery, which is something I struggle with myself but always advise others to include
beautiful! you're writing's hooked me and i'm off to read another...
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