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Poem By Betty Jo Hilger

I watch him playing from across the space
Interacting with a grand delight
And lose myself in memory of days, not long ago
When this was but a dream I didn’t see
And he plays on
To my wonder

I listen to the laughter that comes ringing
Carried on the shadow of the wind
A sound, not only his, but that of other children too
Angelic sounds of heaven, sent to me
And he plays on
To my tears

I feel each passing glance they interchange
Words and smiles, a transitory gift
A blissful joyful aptitude for friendship giv’n and earned
Landing on my soul, quite like a kiss
And he plays on
To my elation

I close my eyes and dare to fantasize
Raising gratitude to heavens gate
And lift a prayer of praise: How far he’s come, from where he‘s been,
From when his soul was drowning in despair!
And he plays on
In his joy

**excerted from 'Living in Chaos Survival: A Parenting Journey...'
**Published through LuluPress 2004

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