There is a thing crawling under my skin
Making me feel like all the world is here with me
Like the strangers roaming the streets beside me are my kin
That we all journey together through the troubled sea

Sailors taking on monster storms
Where alone we would surely die
Here, together we all become reborn
Because why would we give up without a single try

Somethings crawling up my back
It feels warm and soothing to the touch
Giving me the sense that there is nothing that I lack
And allowing itself to be there for me when I need a crutch

I watch as the great cities burn
As the great men and women fall from thrones once steep
But feel clam as I await the page to turn
Because I have faith and so took that daring leap

There is but one thing that is forever within us
Something that allows even the worst of us to cope
Giving us the ability to look past the disgustingness of our wounds puss
To instead see the eternal property of that immaculate horse which lopes


by Erik Gillette

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Where there is no hope, there we see desolation, despair and life becomes one colossal heavy task. Indeed where there is hope, there abodes faith, and faith keeps those that keep the faith. A well articulated piece of poetry insightfully penned with lovely rhyme scheme. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
Rightly said and beautifully written... God bless you