Poem By Husn Kharabanda

Social creatures, us humans
We laugh and talk and cry
And more often than not, to succeed,
Others hope we attempt to pry

What is breath without air,
Or ice without its cool?
That is human soul without hope-
A dying flicker of a once roaring flame

Hope is the sleep after sundown
The promise of rest, a new days' start.
It is the cause of life and the trust of death.
The possibility of seeing those lost once again.

Hope is that warm darkness-
The blanket that tucks you in at night
The comfort of familiarity
Keeping you safe from the harsh light

It the sweet dreams in a sleepers' head
Reliever from the days toil
The toddlers' toy that keeps the ghosts away,
A mothers' lullaby to a crying child.

Why forgo this feeling of hope
Without which we would cease to be?
Empires have reigned, and empires have bowed
To this everlasting love for hope.


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