Poem By Daniel Fortuna Jr.

In the dark I lie here in the light & realize that things are not right.I sit here in the light of day as I contemplate how I have gone astray. How I have deviated from the life that Ionce lived & the way that I use to be & those thoughts that sometimes creep into my mind about escaping & being free.However, I know that that's not the way to go about it.I know that I can't just get up & quit.For I know it's up to me to put an end to this way of living & bring forth a new reality.I reality I can fully embrace & never let go.Where I can then begin my journey down the great meandering road; where it'll take me, I just don't know.Whether it will take me this way or that way, it's hard to see.I can only pray that it'll take me to where I want to be, but again I know that it'll be up to me. The decisions that I will make, which, - ultimately - will dictate what path I take.I know I need to get my act together; for I know I can't continue to live the way that I've been living forever.I know it's time for me to start making things happen, getting things done, & say hello to a new way of living& say goodbye to theold one.A way ofliving that I, through my constant procrastination's, have denied for myselffor such a long time. For I essentially perceive the way that I have lived for so long as a crime.Day after day, week after week, it's been the same; it makes me want to say to myself - what a shame.Nevertheless, I'm well vigilant that I need to reestablish order, but alas, I know that time continues to grow ever so shorter. I must get my life back on track; to henceforth,look forward down the road of my life & never look back.It is up to me to make the best of what I was given; yet, I contemplate on how many more miles I have left down this great meandering road on top of the ones that I have already driven.Knowing that the road will end inevitably, I know that I need to make the best of the time I have left most definitely.Even as I am here in this dismal situation of mine, I still believe that everything will eventually be fine.I still believe that I can & will cope.Until then, I shall remain in the dark as I hold on to that enigmatic thing called hope. (alternative name for poem: IN THE LIGHT[changing the ending to:that I can & will fight.Until then, I shall remain in the dark until I find myself back in the light.]

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