AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Hope And Faith

Hope is slipping and faith is barely hanging on
As I tremble waiting for the dawn

We spent endless hours talking to the stars
Mending wounds, burying some old scars

Don’t know where to draw the line
What techniques I need to refine

I’m afraid
Our emotions were overplayed

On the road to paradise we hit a bump
Into an abyss I’m ready to jump

I’m full of despair
Suspended by heart strings without a prayer

Once you were my wishing star
But I let you slip away too far

The talk was way too cheap
The price of love way too steep

Can’t let hope become a distance memory
With faith hanging on as an accessory

Like a little church mouse scurrying about
I want to scream but it nothing comes out

Like a humming bird you don’t know is there
Whispering a love song that evaporates into the air

What can life be without faith and hope
Both intertwine, essential for all to cope

So what we need is to let go of the rope
So Faith and Hope can elope

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