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Hope, And The Influential Character Of Solitude
NE (1991- / )

Hope, And The Influential Character Of Solitude

I was buried in the winter as
Fresh snow was falling down
I was carried in my slumber
Then laid beneath the ground
I whispered to the outside
Of the secrets from within
But of those of them still living
Their ears are plugged with sin
I clawed at my dark entrapment
But my effort was in vain
As people tread above the dead
My heart was numbed to pain
I screamed and cried and thrashed all night
Hoping to break free
But beneath the sky, tears run dry
And no one pities me
I could feel the warmth of friendship
Filter through the ground
I could almost taste the sunlight
And almost hear the spring's sweet sound
It was there the seed of peace
Was ready to begin
Ive sown the light, and shown that I
Am ready for the end

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