Hope, Answers

He is calling you.
The voice you have heard many times in the silence…

You have seen trouble, dear one, and pain.
You have walked the trail of tears again and again.
You have been looking, haven’t you, for hope?
He is holding it out for you to take.
You have long been confused, have you not?
Looking for answers in a world gone dark.
You have searched your every desperate thought
For a glimmer of hope, a shard of truth.
Truth, my beloved, is found not in Man.
You are lost in a desolate land,
Hopeless, and weary, wanting rest.
Come lay your head on His breast
And enter into Love, wandering one.
You have heard his voice often in the night
When the world is asleep, or in the pale dawn.
Truth. Answers. Hope. Love. Only One
Can give them to you and only His will last.
Take His hand and hear his voice, dear heart,
And in His arms and sight be blessed.

by Sophia White

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We all need to listen to that little voice of Hope inside of us and remember God is always with us. Another good one, Sophia. It deserves a 10. : -)