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Enjoy Every Time

My mother opened my heart one night
And I remembered the things she told to me
Her words of knowledge carried a light
It unveiled my eyes with tranquility
Now I know the essence of the days
And I understand the golden rays

“Enjoy every time”, my mother said
For I may leave you and this world one day
When the dimming moment comes on my way
Bury my sentences on your head
And place them always on your side
For they will be your truthful guide

Enjoy every time when I’m with you
Treasure the hours rather than earthly things
Nurture your heart, have good things to do
My son, one day you’ll see the success it brings
Engrave my embrace into your heart
On working for your dreams, my son- start!

Now I realized what I must do
That was be a good son as I can be
Be a good child as men can clearly see
I must search the meaning of the dew,
How it touch the face of the morn
And why the new bright day is born.

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And Hope in Despair...or pairs... :) Nice! Thank you!