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Hope Is Good Thing To Hope.
KR (July 24 1983. / Tennessee)

Hope Is Good Thing To Hope.

I hope my family get a long like they use too
I hope God finds away to bring my brother
back from drugs
I hope my father stays in my life and don't
take off life he did before when I was a baby
I hope before I am 30 years old I be marriage
and have family like my friends do
I hope my dreams I want out of life comes true
I hope me wanting to hope is not dumb
I hope is right thing to do in life
I hope I get in to college
I hope my mom finds good guy beside
I hope who I am with doesn't hurt me
or break my heart like guys did with
my mom
I hope my brother leaves this girl that
keep him away from his family
I hope Amber will always be my best friend
I hope Rusty doesn't every leave me
I hope God helps find away for us
to be together me and Rusty
I hope my family is happy
I hope my friends are happy and thankful
for what they have in life
I hope when Jennifer gets marriager it doesn't
be life her last one ended bad
I hope everyone learns how good is to hope
and pray for things you need.
I hope everyone thankful and glad to be here
in this world.

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Great piece of work.Thanks for sharing.
hope for happiness o happiness where are you no no no just dreamy view! great great great poem great 10+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.
Kristina YOUR POEM really is really good I hope u cud write a poem for my first true love