Hope Of Africa

Rising Star! !
Hope of Africa,
With the muse of your sweet mind.

Your sweet home;
Birth and growth,
With Culturesand Traditions.

Hope and joy!
Life in Africa;
Living in Africa,
With colours and languages.

I am,
You are,
We are! !
With the muse of all the countries in Africa.

Hope of Africa! !
Mama Africa;
Birth and growth,
With the muse of the people and the animals as well.

Mama Africa!
My Homeland;
My birth,
With the muse of my sweet mind.

by Edward Kofi Louis

Comments (3)

Homeland! ! Birth and growth. Thanks for your comment on my poem. Stay blessed always.
Hope of Africa... Lovely tribute to our motherland. Thanks for sharing.
True love for the country where we are born....Excellent.! ! ! ! 10+++