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Hope Or Hope Against Hope
( / Gandam, Dist-Deogarh, Odisha, INDIA)

Hope Or Hope Against Hope

Hope is an expectation or
Desire for certain event,
It relates to persons, things
Or to circumstances it is inherent.

Not only men but also animal
And birds, reptiles have hope,
All live on hope or hope against hope
Hopeless persons have no scope.

Men live in hope and
In hope they dream,
To dream many lovely things
Is too dream of a team.

Hope is the reason of attachment
And it is the art,
It is too reason of detachment
And it is the heart.

Maximum people hope to get
Perishable things they want,
But these are such things
Those bring men daunt.

Hope to lead valuable life
And value in life is the best,
We must hope peace and bless of God
There actually are the zests.

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Comments (7)

Mr Kumarmani, you have well expressed the poem above. I wished to enquire if you are a poem writer
A marvelous poem that imparts wisdom. Hope fuels one to go on with life despite of obstacles in life. A great poem with a meaningful message.10
All live on hope or hope against hope.......I enjoyed this piece it is undenying that we all can relate to; in our essence of existence and human nature. Love it!
Lovely poem...10 Had it been secured journey? Person should have taken it lightly Slept well with whatever was available And become lazy sans struggle
Hope is the underlying thread that binds life together. In every dark situation there is a ray of hope. Beautiful poem. Thank you.
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