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Hope's Funeral
REK (02/10/1985 / Beirut)

Hope's Funeral

Poem By Rita El Khoury

All in black dressed, dark procession
Hand in hand, walking in apprehension
Weakened and ephemeral memory
That once was immortality and glory.
All with much unfinished business
Left alone to manage this huge mess
Without a leader, a tutor, a guide
Or the relief of having Hope by their side.

There was Mr Strength, Miss Ambition
Mr Goal yearning at Lady Conviction
Mrs Optimism, perfect household wife
Old Miss Fantasy jealous all her life
Mr Dream, his good friend Miss Inspiration
And the representative of Mrs Salvation
Leading the path of sorrow and grief
Were sister Faith and reverend Belief.

Watching from the distant mist
Tears in his eyes, clenching his fist
Was the lover, passionate Mr Desire
Aimless with no will left to aspire.

Clear sky above, dark hearts inside
All was lost for Hope left, Hope died.

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As there are two submission dates one presumes that the poem was revised in 2011... in which case the revision seems to have been successful. Interesting take.