Hope Springs Eternal

Your dream you should never give up on
Forget the past the past has gone
But where there's life hope springs eternal
And hope helps you to keep keeping on
Hope for a better tomorrow the better times may be ahead
You may be poorer than a church mouse but you are better off living than dead
Soon your lotto numbers may come up good things come to all of those who wait
Next week who knows you may be laughing when your big win you may celebrate
Who knows what the future may bring you your worst days behind you 'twould seem,
What you wish for in life don't give up on you keep on following on your dream
You may be one destined for greatness who knows what the future will bring?
Stay positive and hope for far better for hope is a wonderful thing,
The champion boxer may be knocked down but he rises up from the floor
His will to win made him a champion he has fought his way out of trouble before
At present financially embarrassed but you keep on hanging in there
Yet you have great hope for the future and people like you are so rare.

by Francis Duggan

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