Hope: The Girl I’ve Never Met But Has Never Left Me

Just as you are perfect,
So shall be your demise.
You say the world will last forever,
But the truth is shown in your eyes.
I tell her I can’t go on,
I tell her I’m going back.
She listens, knowingly;
She is the glue that without
I would crack.

Just as I am unfinished,
So shall be my life.
I know that my well being,
Is a straw
Balanced on the sharp of a knife.

I live; too fast,
I breath; too slow.
I appear like I am filled with wisdom,
When there isn’t anything about which I really know.
She says I burn so bright,
I say she is getting dimmer.
I say I’ve lost most my battles,
She says in the war I will finish the winner.
I’m a tragedy, starting to happen,
With a comedic under bedding.
I’ll throw a party for my funeral,
And a wake at my wedding.

Hope is my best friend,
Though now I hardly see her.
Long years have past,
Currently addressed as sir.
Then out of nothing
Hope sends her final words:
Live like tomorrow,
But never forget today.
I could write a thousand books
On what I want to say.
Never give up,
Fight the end till your last.
Never lose sight of your future,
While never forgetting your past.
You may want everything
And nothing in your time.
But to give up hope,
Is the only, unpunishable crime.

by Sam Price

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