Hope This Is The Answer To Your Question

I thought that I could do it, thought that I would be able to give every ounce of me.
But I’m finished, I’m through with your words and 'promises'.
Now they mean nothing to me, like you.
This may seem rash and sudden, but a thought well planned out.
I can’t have you in my life....and it hurts me to say that.
There’s just a small part of me that won’t let go, believe me I’ve tried killing it.
But drinking down my sorrows still hasn’t solved anything, but then again this glass is still full.
I’m walking over this bridge and throwing a match over my back.
I won’t watch it burn, for the fact that part of me would drench it with my tears.
I’m walking away from all the memories, you can have what you want.
But you won’t have the best of me.
That’s something I’ll save for someone who’ll appreciate me more then words would ever say.
I feel pathetic for wasting my tears and my friendship and most of all my love to someone that I’ll never believe.
It hurts so much, that I would rather rip my insides out to stop feeling the pain that only you somehow can bestow onto me.
So now, your out of my system, cut out like the silent cancer that creeps around me.
I’ll won’t think of you so much today, or tomorrow and it’ll hurt less in a week.
And soon enough I’ll stop thinking of you altogether.
I’m tired of saying sorry and apologizing for things that I shouldn’t apologize for.
Hate me I don’t care, it’ll make it easier to hate you.
But this is one friend that you shouldn’t depend on any more, because I’m gone for good this time.

by Christina Ramirez

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