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Hope To Find You Again For One More Hug
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Hope To Find You Again For One More Hug

Oh my love, I am back again
By the lake, under the willow tree, heart is full of pain.
Cool breeze rippling through across the lake
I see a lonely boat, far away tied up on the deck
Ducks are happy, happy swimming to and fro
My heart is sad, missing you, I want you to know
Sea gulls are gliding, up and down and round and round
Squirrels are busy climbing trees some are hopping on the ground
Yonder are the Canadian geese resting on the hays
They had a long journey, traveled far, night and days
They will leave for the North tomorrow at the crack of dawn
They fly from North to South during winter
From South to North during summer since they are born
They are like nomads, always moving, always on the go
They fly in groups, as a team and put on a beautiful show
Willow tree whistling, dancing with the wind
Fluffy clouds sailing, under the sky rind
My mind is in memory lane, thinking of you
Dusk is settling, part of the sky is gold, red and blue
Hope to find you again for one more hug and to say I love you
Since I lost you in the crowd, I have been so blue

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