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Hoped Hoped In Hidden Letter

I wrote hope in abandoned letter
With a pen I chose to later ignore
Confession is willing to abide by my only law
I only choose the politeness until it spat in my open sores
So I leaned on a door until my back was strong
Then I released the funny side and had a smile ten inches long
I walk only on silk fabrics for my feet are silent to bare
Pride is a sin; I had to shorten my hair with a tear
Coz my emotions are rare.

Hope is selfish to a naked nonbeliever
I didn't believe in it either
But since karma was on the end of the Receiver
Saying you are what you achiever
I asked her what she does to relieve her.

Silence filled the space
Then uttered the words in her own pace……..

Only the man who dares to deceive her
And willingly kill or sit and watch blood pour
Then pray that you have sacrificed blood on your door.

I once saluted with greed
Until I belched and content was freed
While adjusting to the new sharing breed
A problem shared is a problem half, which is a bit of a mislead
I let go of the confusion, and received a blessing to an exceed.

I wrote in a hidden letter
The thoughts I wanted to ignore

Attracted many mayhems from a hidden law
I only choose to fight back when my ego has been physically touched
When my souls hand suddenly feels the clutch
When I feel love, then I wouldn't really care for much
Not as such……

by Rachel Aurelien

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