TB (11-7-63 / Texas)

Hopeless Dreamer

The night air brings a chill
As I gaze at the sky
Hopeless dreamer, hopeless romantic
Always waiting....that is I

The quiet night reaches in
And stirs my soul, silence needed
Sets my mood, desired peace
Calmness has succeeded

My mind free to wonder
My heart free to feel
Peace of mind I've found
And it seems so surreal

All the nights I've laid alone
Staring into the dark
I've wondered how to free myself
On a new journey to embark

Tonight, there is only good
As my peace settles in
Only looking forward
Not thinking of where I've been

A new outlook on life...
As I take it day by day
Finding myself again
A real smile to display

A beautiful night, star filled sky
That waited right outside
Called to me to come and feel again
And the beauty it would provide

I swear....what a night to behold
And one I'll always recall
Hopeless dreamer, hopeless romantic
Yes....but aren't we all?

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