Hopeless Romanticist

She sat in my car, Watched me walk around
And I opened the door for her.
I pondered on what she may be thinking like
'This guy is a hopeless romanticist'
Or 'He's a loser, theres no chance for this'
But then i speak poetry, romance then kiss
Then i woke up, saw my book and took a glance at this
I thought, Im trying so hard to be so kind
I cant express this in actions, All i got is rhymes
And if i could've gotten a kiss for each of my Hopeless Romantic Lines
We may have locked lips by now atleast a million times
But in this book, my heart confides
My feelings ever-changing like the high and low tides
I dont live by this standard which everyone abides
everyone one is looking for sex, While Im looking fro brides
Well, maybe just something a little more stable
Unless it gets to the point that Im so in love with this girl
That I'd carry her on my back to the top of the world
And back down too, until she releases her grasp
To tell me...Goodbye.
I try to think its a lie, but then I look in your eyes...
Now I know its true.
I wake up again, and this love hasnt happened yet
Am i to far ahead of behind the times?
I mean, this romantic stuff only works in movies
Now-a-days girls date for looks, Gone before they even knew me
So i keep searching for one who can know more about me then me sometimes
One who can inspire me to write these lines
One who knows my favorite type of everything before we even kiss
Is that to much to ask, or am I as hopeless as the Romanticist?

by Jason Murak

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