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Hopflower Tea
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Hopflower Tea

He calls it tea, hopflower tea to be exact.
He's neither British nor acqainted with Earl Grey.
He drinks so many gallons, could it be a fact
that a medicinal effect is, if I may
peruse the term, me, clumsy ignoramus,
a tonic then of culinary treasures,
which, since the ancient times of Mr. Nostradamus
has been so popular as one of life's great pleasures,
that many thousands have enriched their local brewers
to feast on golden brown and aromatic juices,
which, after duly being discharged into sewers,
provide nutritious party times, constructive uses
for rats and mice and other vermin roaming there,
then, circulated once again through their small systems
it then ends up in soils whose produce we will share,
the benefits of hop tea are too numerous to list them.

So, who am I to look with undisguised disgust
upon the drinker of much beer, day in and out?
I say, my friends, you drink as drink you must
and only stop if God does send to you the gout.

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Comments (8)

HOPFENBLUETENTEE is the German word for it. I am partial to it if brewed by the old method. Not into American beer, since they have never produced one decent beer. (Sorry Coors and Pabst Blue Ribbon) . H
I've never heard the term 'hopflower tea.' Rather cute. I'll add it to my vocabulary if you don't mind.
Michael, that thought is worth an easy ten, one which you could give to me to counter the rating terrorists. It sure is a(n) herbal life. H
Hey, Herbal, you caught me on the hop here. Will organic food aid the rat population too when passed through the system? Fun poem. Hope for more of that kidney.
I know you ain't slamming beer. The Red Necks are already to upset around here... ;)
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