AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Hoping Sleep Will Come

Many times, while in bed, a million thoughts,
go through my head! It makes it impossible,
for me to sleep, so out of bed I will creep!
I try to think, of what to do, to get myself
unwound, I'll go to the den, read a book,
this helps somewhat I've found. Now, I'm
feeling a little sleepy and should have no
trouble, so back into bed I'll go and do it,
on the double! I start to get comfortable,
once again, close my eyes, hoping this
time, sleep will come. But lo and behold,
I start thinking again, my brain, is getting
numb! I guess when all is quiet and still,
it's a conducive atmosphere. It can bring
upon the thinking process, for there's
nobody, to bother you here! Next time,
before I go to bed, I'll make sure I'm really
ready and able to sleep. And wouldn't it be
grand, if I had a dream, with a rendezvous,
I had to keep! So you see, there' not only
bad things that happen, when you retire at
night. There's also many pleasant dreams,
the moment, you put out the light! !

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