Tears From My Heart

Poem By Aanuoluwa Adebanjo

Sun rolls down in dusky smoothness
Along the line of day and night
Silhouettes of life begin to caress
the body of darkness in search of light

The day spreads its glorious wisdom
For the sentient and rogue as well
Where is the gospel in night’s kingdom?
That is the lesson for learned to impel

Lo, Adam and Eve’s purity of hearts
Who yet not found the knowledge fruit
They know not the pain (that) identity imparts
They know not the twinge at ego’s root

Was that the horizon where prayers rose
Came to the fore the innocent love
The heavens, the gods and Adams and Eves
Bound in oneness with nothing above

Then the sphere of knowers drew
Closer to power, nearer to clouts
Man lost, (his) paradise didn’t accrue
Faith withered to shed cardinal doubts
The world of struggle, feat and defeat
The clutter of logic, ideas deadbeat

From that debris of disorder prime
Sprang but hope in mystic reason
The night and darkness found a home
“Accept the unknown” the soul sings on
The novel, the funny, the joyful risk
An adventured life – graceful, brisk

************Dedicated to the Teachers of Primary Schools*************

Comments about Tears From My Heart

Philosophically written poem. Very touching too. Great Thanks for sharing with me
very nicely written poem i liked it 10+++
each line is written, having been well thought of.10 shan
i loved the 'debris of disorder prime' part.....good diction...beautiful poem........congrajs, , ,
A worthy dedication to all our teachers.....Winnie

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