Hormone's Poem

Poem By Starrbox Munoz

He can't sleep
So tears of agony roll down his eyes playing his guitar
Drawing with an unconscious mind
He looks at her
He can only smile
He wants to kiss her
He can only smile
He wants to hold her
He can only smile
First you're too early
Then you are too late
That's what has happened all his life
She is out there
He is in here
He doesn't know what she's doing
He doesn't know where she is at
So he looks around and that's not very far

David Moises Garcia

Comments about Hormone's Poem

Tell your friend that he has a great gift. It was wonderful and I enjoyed it.
Awww...it is a bit of a sad poem, sweet in a way :) -K

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2,5 out of 5
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